The following are the results of the poll conducted by the governing council. The poll has been conducted in line with the Education and Children’s Services Act 2019 and the materials and services charges instruction.

The Governing Council has conducted 1 poll. The result of the poll is as follows: 

Years 7 to Year 123623

As the poll received majority support, the 2022 Materials and Services Charges will be set at

Year LevelMaterial and Services Charges Amount
Years 7 to Year 12$500.00

Some courses and extra-curricular activities, including VET, sports, excursions, camps and instrument hire, attract additional fees during the year.

2022 Materials and Services invoices will be posted to all families early January.

Payment Options

Payment of full fees by 31st May 2022

Payment can be made online with a Visa card, Master Card or Debit card via Bpoint through the school website at Follow the links and instructions from the “Pay Invoice” button on the middle of the home page and you will be able to use your card to make your payment securely online.

You can also make payments by QKR, cash, cheque or credit card at the school finance office.

Apply for the School Card Grant

School Card forms will be available at

Payment of fees by instalments

To pay fees by instalments parents are requested to complete the Student Fees Instalment Payments Agreement. This agreement is required for all student fees that will not be fully paid by 31 May 2022. All instalment payments should be completed by 1 October 2022.