Woodville High School has partnered with The Charles Sturt Council to provide new opportunities for students and families to strengthen collective capabilities by providing skills, expertise and shared resources. On top of the already available resources here at Woodville High School, The Charles Sturt Council is providing a range of additional Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Audiobooks, Blu-Rays, DVD’s, Kindles, Parenting books, Health, Mind & Body materials and Literacy and Numeracy resources which will be beneficial to a students studies and learning. Materials and resources are accessible in over 50 languages and are available for loan. Having access to The Charles Sturt Council website allows our students and families to have access to library resources across all 130 libraries in South Australia, visual and digital. To join, students and/or families must click on the membership tab, for free. Our school has a passion to build a strong network with The Charles Sturt Council and strengthen community engagement. We as a school are confident that this can be achieved through partnership with the local council.

  1. To get started: click on the link https://onecard.network/client/en_AU/charlessturt/?dt=list
  1. At the top of the page you will see the ‘Membership’ tab which you need to click on to join and complete an online registration form or in person at one of the five library branches

You will also see the ‘Search catalogue’ tab at the top page where you can search for millions of books, resources, materials, DVD’s, Audiobooks and more.

  1. Once you scroll down, you can have access to a range of digital items
  1. Keep scrolling and you will see access to core collections
  1. Materials can be available to you in over 50 languages
  1. At the bottom of the webpage, you will have access to the 24/7 digital library service

Anjelia Volaris
Year 12 VET Student
Cert II in Community Services