Woodville High School has had a long-standing partnership with the Australian Business Community Network (ABCN) and the programs that they deliver to our students greatly contribute to their career development, confidence and work readiness.

This term, a select group of senior school girls from Year 10-12 are participating in a Girls Leadership Program called FOCUS. The program is delivered over three sessions and has a focus on developing the students’ confidence, direction in life and also leadership skills that will help them achieve their set goals for the future. The girls began their first session by identifying a female leader that they admire and the leadership qualities and attributes of these amazing women. The majority of the students chose their mum as the female leader they most admire, which was wonderful! The students then connected with female leaders within the Commonwealth Bank using the online conferencing platform – Microsoft Teams. They have two more sessions to go and are really looking forward to working with their mentors again. Thank you to Cathy Torjl from ABCN for facilitating the sessions and Wendy Gawne for her coordination.