Senior School Culture

In the Senior School we aim to build a culture of leadership and positive attitudes towards learning, education and the future. Our mentoring of Year 12 students has been highly successful and student-led assemblies are a highlight of the Pastoral Care Program, Pathways, each week. Later this year students will lead Day of Action Projects and student-led Academic Review days which replace Parent, Teacher interviews for Year 12 students.  

Mentoring our Year 12 Students

Year 12 is an exciting year for students but it can also be a demanding one. To support students to achieve their best in their final year, each student has a knowledgeable, experienced teacher who works alongside them to guide them through the opportunities and challenges of Year 12 and plan for their future studies. Year 12 students do not have Home Group. Instead, Mentor teachers use a lesson each week to meet with each of their students individually to support and monitor their progress, and work with a small Mentor Group in weekly Pathways Pastoral Care lessons. Mentor groups work together on Day of Action Projects, reviewing their study schedule, study skills, preparing for the Academic Review, and leading Year 12 assemblies.

Student-led Assemblies

Year 12 Mentor groups take turns in running assemblies during the weekly Pathways lessons. Students gain experience in introducing themselves and presenting to a large group. They introduce their Mentor group, introduce guest speakers, and shine a spotlight on the successes and creative endeavours of members of Year 12. This kind of experience highlights success and personal effort, engages students, and develops camaraderie and a sense of belonging amongst the Year 12 cohort.

At the most recent Year 12 assembly students were reminded that they are more than their ATAR or SACE results, and were encouraged to be conscious of their own moral compass and what they stand for. They were asked to consider kindness, and the contribution they can make to the world and each other.

Year 11 and 12 Academic Review Day – Wednesday 5th May

In the senior years we use a different approach for parents and students to gain information about student progress and develop strategies for improvement. In place of Parent, Teacher interviews, parents will be invited to attend an Academic Review appointment, led by their child. 

The student-led review will communicate not only how a student is doing but also why. Students will gather data and information on their subject results, attendance, Mentor meetings, study schedule and projected ATAR and TAFE scores (Year 12), and development of their capabilities and essential skills to present this to their parent or care-giver and Mentor teacher. Together they will plan how best to maintain or improve their results.