Consistent and regular attendance is essential to learning. Our Mentor teachers continue to monitor student attendance and achievement to identify students at risk, and respond accordingly.  This includes meeting with the students, and phoning or meeting with parents and care-givers to discuss student progress, and making plans to support the students. At times, it will mean changes to a course of study that will allow a student to be successful.

Teachers of SACE subjects are committed to supporting students to achieve success. To help students manage their workload, teachers set assessment deadlines with consideration of the requirements of the teaching program and the learning and work demands placed on students. In the case of illness, injury or compassionate grounds, evidence must be provided to the teacher. When a student misses a deadline without negotiation, the subject teacher will send an email, or phone to inform parents/caregivers. We know that timely intervention combined with parent communication greatly assists students to complete outstanding work to a satisfactory level and removes the possibility of them falling further behind. As a school it is our aim to support students to achieve to the best of their ability and we do not believe any of our students should fail due to work non-submission. Teachers refer students to after school study sessions in order to avoid falling too far behind. The Senior School provides an ideal environment for students to study in unscheduled lessons, including flexible learning spaces in lower Penny designed to support individual and collaborative study. Members of the Senior Team are on hand each afternoon until 4.30 pm to provide individual assistance to students.