The department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has updated its information about Fruit Fly restrictions in South Australia.

This might change the types of fruit and vegetables your child can bring to school/ preschool/child care.

New colour-coded maps for metropolitan Adelaide and Riverland residents show the red outbreak areas, yellow suspension areas and green areas not affected by Fruit Fly.

Our school, preschool, children’s centre is located in the green not-impacted area. If you live in the green not-impacted area your child can bring any type of fruit or vegetable to school, preschool or child care.

If you live in the red outbreak or yellow suspension area your child must not bring any fruit or vegetables on this list to school, preschool or child care.

This applies even if it has been cut up.

Instead, PIRSA has provided a list of alternative fruit and vegetable options suitable for lunch and breaks.

Please note that grated, dried, frozen, cooked or pureed fruit and vegetables of any kind are acceptable in any area.

We appreciate your cooperation as we help protect South Australia from Fruit Fly.

Fruit Fly Outbreaks Metropolitan Adelaide