We are busy interviewing students that applied for positions in the 2024 Student Leadership team. It is great to see students who have been involved over the past two years of our new leadership model reapplying as well as students wanting to lead change at Our Woodville for the first time. Students have the opportunity to align themselves with a portfolio that resonates with their passions in the following areas; Learning, Wellbeing, Community Engagement, Co-Curricular, Environment, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives and Global Citizenship. There are also Captain positions available for Music, International Students, Houses and Aboriginal Students. 

By having prefects in these portfolios represented in committees and activities throughout the school, students have agency in shaping the changes that involve them directly. This year our Prefects have delivered an amazing number of projects that have positively impacted the lives of our school community. In the last newsletter for the year, we will celebrate all their success!

2023 Student leaders with Woodville High School Principal Anna Mirasgentis