Citizenship in Action

An important part of the Middle School Pathways program for Terms two and three has been the Citizenship Project. Year 8 and 9 students have worked to identify opportunities for action and improvement around the school and local community. In groups, students have conducted research, planned and executed social actions and shared their work to enact change.

Via a COVID safe live stream event, Year 8s presented their plans for a range of school improvements including canteen menu options, rubbish disposal and lunchtime clubs. Year 9 students have taken their Citizenship work out into the community with students working collaboratively to provide toiletries to the homeless, enact peer tutoring at a local Primary School and raise money for Ronald McDonald House amongst other initiatives all designed to give back to our community.

One Year 9 Home Group is continuing their efforts in the community and is currently working with representatives from the City of Charles Sturt as well as members of the Woodville Greening Group to redevelop a weed filled verge space on Actil avenue adjacent to the school. The class has plans to turn this into an attractive and functional garden space for all in the surrounding community to enjoy. Work started this week with steam powered weed eradication, provided by our council, which the students (and teachers) found fascinating.

We are very grateful to all the Council and community members who have leant their support to this initiative, including Mayor Angela Evans.