On results release day, the homepage of the SACE website will direct students to check their results. Prior to that, please ensure you can log in (and that your personal details are correct). Go to: www.sace.sa.edu.au/studying/your-sace/what-is-students-online

Please note, there is advice about a PIN on this page – in order to protect our students, we do not publish the actual make-up of the PIN. However, the first time you log in it is the first four digits of your date of birth in the format DDMM (eg 1 July = 0107).

The SACE Board has produced a short video encouraging students to check their Students Online Account before results release day.

Staff will be at school from 8:30 am on the day results are released to answer any questions or concerns students may have about their results. Please call us on the school number, 84459833.

Jan Ahrens

Head of Senior School