Our Woodville High Inter School Athletics team represented the school in the School Sport SA Inter School Athletics Competition last Tuesday.

Students were selected based on their results from Sports Day. Our students pushed themselves to their limits, participating highly when required and supported one another with great spirit.

The results showed a tremendous effort by both boys and girls groups which resulted in high achievements.


1st. Kangaroo Island 834

2nd. Wirreanda 692

3rd. Woodville High 691

4th. Seaton 644

5th. Charles Campbell 601

6th. Mt Compass 577.5

7th. Aberfoyle Park 462


1st. Kangaroo Island 401.5

2nd. Woodville High 338

3rd. Wirreanda 321.5

4th. Charles Campbell 312.5

5th. Mitcham Girls 308

6th. Mt Compass 293

7th. Seaton 283

8th. Aberfoyle Park 232


1st. Kangaroo Island 432.5

2nd. Wirreanda 370.5

3rd. Seaton 361

4th. Woodville High 353

5th. Charles Campbell 288.5

6th. Mt Compass 284.5

7th Aberfoyle Park 230

A special shout out to the following students on participating in numerous events as well as achieving 1st Placings – Taya Wright, Lilah Nikoloff, Harry Clay, Bradey Woolford, Jasmyn Wright, Diamond Thou, Tobey Jamieson, Lynelle Makabano, Alyssa Westwood, Jordan Halls, Lucas Cheung, Luke Hunton, Zack Lloyd, Sommer Hallam-Woodcock, Eleina Hafoka, Eoin Grierson, Maddison Winn & David Makabano.