The Santos Aboriginal Power Cup is facilitated by the Port Adelaide Football Club in partnership with the South Australian Aboriginal Secondary Training Academy (SAASTA).

On the 27th and 28th of May, seven Woodville High Students competed in the Santos Aboriginal Power Cup, boys and girls football carnival at Karen Rolton Oval, Adelaide. This year marked the 14th Santos Aboriginal Power Cup, with over 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled from schools all over South Australia. Over the two-day football carnival students played football games, attended a career expo and practiced a cultural dance that they later performed at Adelaide Oval on Sunday the 30th May before the Port Power and Fremantle game.

To be invited to the carnival students had to have 80% attendance, no behaviour issues and complete three assessments that focus on the Stolen Generations, significant Aboriginal athletes and/or team sporting moments. Students then created an art piece that represented their identity. One or two of the students’ art pieces was then voted on by the rest of the class to become the Woodville High School guernsey. The guernsey was designed by Paul Mow and Caitlyn Hutchinson.