On behalf of the Wellbeing team, we wish our Woodville High School community a safe, happy and peaceful holiday period. Whilst this year has been challenging at times, we have been impressed by the resilience shown by students and families to overcome the adversity and challenges faced in 2022. We began the year with a blended learning approach for 3 of our year levels and we are finishing the year with a spike in Covid numbers once again.

During these times, the support from families is paramount and the ongoing communication and relationship with the school is appreciated.

Our Wellbeing Team has worked tirelessly this year with reduced staff at various times. Through all of this there have been many highlights to celebrate as listed below.

2022 Wellbeing Highlights

  • The opening of our Wellbeing Hub including an interoception room
  • The appointment of a Wellbeing Hub Receptionist
  • Wellbeing Handbook Published for staff, students and Parents
  • Visiting Allied Health Professionals meeting student in our Wellbeing Hub
  • Our new uniform, and new uniform Policy
  • Our ongoing Mobile Phone Policy Review
  • The review and refinement of our Pathways Program in readiness for our move to a full school house structure in 2024
  • Our final Student Inclusion, Engagement and Wellbeing Policy completed with the Centre for Restorative Justice and then ratified by Governing Council and staff.
  • The planning of our House Structure to support transition, belonging and connectedness to our Woodville
  • Our Social Worker analysing attendance patterns and trends across the school
  • Staff perception survey unpacked with Staff
  • Visiting psychologist running a self-regulation program for targeted students through a virtual reality approach
  • School Dental Program (over 120 students seen)
  • Appointment  of 2 new Wellbeing Leaders for 2023
  • Appointment of 4 House Leader for 2023
  • Appointment of Middle and Senior Years Managers for 2023
  • Restorative Practices approach being embedded across the school
  • 3 University Social Work Students involved in and running activities focussing on Emotional Wellbeing for Students.
  • School seminars on          
  • Road safety
  • Headspace
  • Vaping
  • Elevate study skills sessions
  • Vape detectors monitored by Wellbeing Team leading to dramatic decrease in toilet vandalism.

I acknowledge the great work of our 2022 team.

As we look forward working with you and your students in 2023.. The Wellbeing Team will look very different in 2023 with 2 new Wellbeing Leaders, a new School Psychologist, a new Pastoral Support worker and 3 new House Leaders all joining our Wellbeing Hub to support and work with our students.

Please have a safe, restful and energising break and we looking forward to seeing you in 2023

All the Best from Sandro Bracci; Senior Leader Wellbeing.