The Term 2/Semester 1 assessment window closed last week on Friday 18th June. This week teachers will begin writing reports ready for the last day of term. In Week 9, the new semester begins meaning that all students from Year 8-11 will change subjects to their Term 3/Semester 2 subjects. Year 12 students continue their full year subjects. Students who wish to change their subjects, should have already spoken with the school Timetabler. If there are any final changes, please make an appointment with Mr Akele. The next assessment window is now open and will close on Friday 10th September (Week 8, Term 3).

In line with the department’s initiative to review the Australian Curriculum by releasing the ‘Department for Education Scope & Sequence’ and ‘Units of work’, Woodville High School is continuing its own curriculum review. The curriculum has been mapped for every subject area from Year 8 to Year 10, with Year 11 and Year 12 occurring later in the year. The aim is to review and improve all units of work and tasks across the school to provide consistency in how the curriculum is delivered, and to ensure the quality of the units and tasks to be engaging, accessible to students and provide opportunity to support and stretch every student to be successful. Learning Area teams have now meet once for a full day to begin the planning of the Year 7 curriculum and to review and improve their Year 8 curriculum.

The 2022 Course Handbook is currently in development with Learning Area teams developing the subject choices for next year. This includes the Year 7 curriculum, as we anticipate approximately 200 Year 7 enrolments to join our school community for the start of 2022. By following a newly established timeline for the Course Handbook, the aim is for the handbook to be published electronically on the website by the end of Week 10, Term 2 to ensure students and families have plenty of time to look at the course outlines and programs prior to completing their subject selections next term. The Course Counselling process for 2022 will begin at the start of Term 3 during the Pathways lessons. The Year 11 Course Counselling day will occur on Tuesday 17th August (Week 5, Term 3) and the Year 10 Course Counselling day will occur on Thursday 19th August (Week 5, Term 3). The Year 8 and Year 9 Course Counselling process will occur with your child’s Home Group teacher in the first half of Term 3.

Each year, students and teachers complete the ‘Effective Teaching Survey’, designed at comparing the student’s and teacher’s perspective of how effective the learning and teaching is across the school. Throughout Term 2, the Student Voice team have reviewed the data and identified positives and areas for improvement. The Student Voice members shared their analysis and recommendations to the Curriculum Leaders last week and will share the information to all staff at the Week 10 staff meeting, and to families at the Week 3, Term 3 Governing Council. The Curriculum Leaders will then work collaboratively with the Student Voice and wider student community to improve the teaching and learning across the school through the recommendations they developed.

For any further information about whole school improvement, curriculum planning or the course counselling process, please contact me at the school via the front office.

Luke Smith
Deputy Principal