The end of Term 1 is very quickly approaching, with teachers working hard behind the scenes to prepare the end of term summary report for each student, which will be shared via SEQTA on the last day of term (Friday 12 April). The Term 2 assessment window has already commenced on Tuesday 2 April (Week 10) following the Easter Public Holidays.

There have been many exciting events on the calendar over the final few weeks of Term 1 including our Term 1 Youth Opportunities Graduation, our Year 7 Basketball Academy and Soccer Academy trials for 2025, our Year 10 Work Experience Week throughout Week 11 and our annual Year 7 Camp.

Continuous Reporting Model
With the new SEQTA Learner Management System now in place, we will no longer be providing Snapshot Reports four weeks prior to the end of the assessment window. Instead, students and families will be able to access live results via SEQTA Learn and SEQTA Engage. Students will be able to receive continuous feedback throughout a term regarding their progress and achievement that the teachers will provide using their SEQTA Marksbook. The Reporting Committee are currently working with SEQTA to develop the new end of term reporting template so that it is ready for the end of this term. The committee has worked exceptionally well over the last two years to develop our new continuous reporting model and are now developing the new process for the Learning Conferences (Parent Evening) and a new Feedback Model to help staff provide timely and effective feedback to students. Communication regarding the continuous reporting model was sent home to families at the end of Week 7 via EdSmart.

Learner Review Process
The Learner Review Process is now in full swing for Term 1. Students who were not on track with their learning mid-term have now been allocated a case manager who is working with each student and family to support them to be successful by the end of term. A reminder that we have different Homework Centres available to students where they can access additional supports from tutors, teachers, leaders and SSO’s. Please see the opening times for our Homework Centres below:

Learning HubMonday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15pm to 4:30pm for all students
Lower PennyTuesday and Thursday recess and lunch time with a learning area leader rostered on to support
Irabinna CentreTuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:15pm to 4:15pm for ATSI students
Tech StudiesTuesday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm on even weeks eg. Week 2, 4, 6
Thursday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm on odd weeks eg. Week 1, 3, 5

2025 Course Handbook

The 2025 Course Handbook will be developed throughout Term 2 in preparation for the Term 3 Course Counselling Process. We will review all of our courses and decide what courses we will offer for next year. Currently we offer 200 courses from Year 7-12 without including VET courses, which is very impressive. The Course Counselling Process will therefore begin in Week 1, Term 3 where students will begin planning what subjects they would like to study in 2025.

VR Lab

The Virtual Reality Lab is now operational in the Learning Hub, with five VR headsets connected to a huge 55-inch TV. The VR Lab aims to use the innovative technology to enhance learning, enabling students to visit places they wouldn’t usually be able to in traditional learning and teaching. Explore ancient Egypt, fly into out-a-space, walk the trenches in World War I or go diving to the bottom of the ocean. The possibilities are endless. Thank you to Maeve Cashel, our Pedagogical Leader who has been providing professional learning to students and staff in preparation to linking the technology to our curriculum. Thank you also to Simon Newbury who has developed an extensive list of curriculum links and supports for the VR technology.

If you have any questions about the report and would like to speak with me about any else, please send me an email:

Luke Smith
Deputy Principal