Dear families 

Holidays can take students away from friends and their usual school supports. Changes to routine can cause some young people to feel stressed, isolated, and alone. Parent/carer support is very important during this time. We would encourage you, headspace has some information about keeping healthy over the holidays that may be helpful to share with young people and you as adult caregivers. Please also see the Be You Mental Health Services and Support infographic.

Tips for adults supporting young people:

  • Encourage them to stay connected: Social relationships are an important aspect of young people’s general wellbeing. Friends can provide both play and support, and spending time with friends is also important for keeping and building existing friendships.
  • Encourage them to stay involved: Whether it is work, hobbies, clubs, or sports – involvement with these can help a young person feel connected to their wider community.  
  • Partake in physical activity: If your young person is feeling down or finding things difficult, physical activities such as walking around the block can help relieve stress and frustration.
  • Keeping to a regular routine: Getting a good sleep each night helps young people feel energised, focused, and motivated. Getting up and going to bed at the same time each day can help normalise their body clock.
  • Help-seeking & support: Ensure that young people have access to support numbers, locally and nationally; and that parents/carers also are provided with these details.