As part of Woodville’s Internationalising Schools Project, Year 9 Geography students attended The International Education, Australia-ASEAN Youth Forum – facilitated by the Asia Education Foundation at Ayers House on Monday 24th May.

Woodville High students acted as ASEAN member delegates and represented the countries of Myanmar and Cambodia. Throughout the day they successfully presented their assigned countries’ position on the issues their nations are facing in education through the lenses of the economy, equity and digital technologies

“The ASEAN forum was daunting at first however it ended up being a fun experience… the second activity enabled us to mutually come up with collaborative ideas to improve educational outcomes with students from other schools. For anyone interested in participating in the ASEAN Youth Forum, at Ayers House, we the 2021Year 9 Geography class, recommend that you do it as it improves your communication skills and increases your confidence when talking in front of other people…and the catering was excellent”.

Letoya Rodgers 9.3

Working in collaboration with other countries’ delegates, our students engaged in lively discussions and negotiated mutually agreeable solutions to improve educational outcomes for ASEAN countries.

Michele Moore
HASS Coordinator