Accessing the Interfaith Room

The interfaith room is now operational and is located in the Learning Hub.

The interfaith room is a lovely quiet space for students and staff to pray and reflect or meditate. The room is very inclusive welcoming everyone regards of faith or no faith.

Please remember that the room can be used for classes as well. Just remember to make sure that the room is respected for its purpose. Many of the items in the room have been kindy donated by staff and local religious places of worship. This includes some recent Buddhist books donated from our local Buddhist temple in Ottoway. Our pastoral care worker Jodie Miles will be there every Tuesday and Wednesday and Laila El-Assaad will be there on Fridays. Please feel free to come and take a look when you are next in the Learning Hub. Please let your home groups know that it is now open and that they are welcome to use it during lunch time. You may see the Muslim students accessing the interfaith room at lunchtime for their midday prayers during Ramadan.

Muslim students during Ramadan

Many of our Muslim students may be participating in Ramadan as from 1 April until 1 May. This means that they will be fasting from sunrise to sunset, which means abstaining from both food and drink whilst at school. It may be that they are quite tired by the end of the day. Ramadan also includes a social element. Muslim students will be gathering at their local mosques for late prayers and attending Ramadan dinners. If you wish to greet the students or staff, the official greeting is Ramadan Mubarak or Ramadan Kareem. Negotiating due dates for tasks when needed, especially towards the last ten days of Ramadan, is a way that we accommodate our Muslim students. Being aware that they may not have recess or lunch with them and may ask to refrain from physical activities is another. Just a couple of steps towards facilitating the wonderful intercultural understanding that we practice at Woodville High school. If you have any questions about the interfaith room or Ramadan, please feel free to speak to Laila El-Assaad.