As part of the year 9 Home Economics Elective subject, students were to host an afternoon tea for some special guests. Their task was to create a dish suitable for a Lacto- Vegetarian or a person who enjoys foods from many different cultures. Using the Design Cycle, students were to understand the Design Brief, investigate, design, produce and evaluate their dish and their overall preparation and presentation of their afternoon tea.

Each week students prepared different foods including, Thai sausage rolls, samosas, spinach & cheese triangles, mini quiches and muffins. Each of these foods could be frozen prior to the afternoon tea and then defrosted and re- heated for the afternoon tea. Throughout these practical tasks, students used a variety of equipment and products while learning about different cooking methods, skills and basic Mise en place.

They were also able to develop, apply and transfer skills in participating in safe work practices and preparing and presenting simple dishes. This includes, correct knife handling, hygiene and following the correct order of work. Apart from this, the students designed invitations and sent them out to their guest and planned and designed their table setting for the event.

The afternoon tea was a hit!

Renee Mazel
Home Economics Teacher