This week saw us celebrate Book Week 2021. This year’s theme of Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds brought many creative possibilities. A diverse range of events occurred with the support of Student Voice members, WHS students, Hub staff and VET work place student, Angelia. These events not only highlight the importance of reading but build a sense of fun and community.

The photos below showcase the variety of events that were enjoyed, from our Big Book Give Away, Laser’s birthday party, discovering teacher’s favourite books, a Book Week Kahoot! and our Friday finale, dress-up day.

Book Review and Recommendation:

Winner of this year’s Book Week Older Reader category:

The CBCA judges say.
This book is magical realism at its finest — a story that is utterly unique and beautifully executed, filled with ethereal imagery and descriptive language. Bell’s skill lies in introducing two narrators, twins Summer and Winter, who each have unique voices but work to question the validity of each other’s stories — a masterclass in the unreliable narrator. The apocalyptic setting is frightening in its familiarity, brutal and shocking, but the world-building is such that no element feels too far-fetched. In contrast, the island oasis on which the girls live provides a romantic backdrop to the somewhat dreamlike existence they have created for themselves. The use of flashbacks and foreshadowing allows deep insight into the characters. Their motivations and personalities are well-rounded and genuine even as they descend further into fantasy and mental disturbance. This book is both strange and accessible, suitable for readers across the Older Readers age spectrum, especially those who need to be challenged.

We have all shortlist and winning titles from all categories available for borrowing.

Check out the YouTube video about Book Week 2021 and to find out more about the winning titles.

Fiona Feetham
Learning Hub Manager