National Science Week burst into action during Week 4, setting the stage for a week filled with exploration under the theme ‘Innovation: Powering Future Industries’.

Diving into the theme, students engaged in captivating activities throughout the week. VR enthusiasts among our student body transformed into Virtual Reality ambassadors, leading mesmerising VR sessions at the Learning Hub during lunch breaks. The Science team took the excitement outdoors with Drone Racing on the field, teaching students the art of manual piloting using DJI drones.

Collaboration with the University of Adelaide brought hydrogen formation experiments to our science classes. Through electrolysis, students powered miniature race cars, pushing the boundaries of scientific possibilities. Meanwhile, the CSIRO introduced students to revolutionary motion capture software, showcased in the mesmerizing ‘Dance with a Digital Human’ presentation.

Short films from the Scinema International Film Festival sparked discussions in science classes, while the creation of a Tinker Room in the STEM area allowed students to repurpose electronics destined for recycling, nurturing creativity and innovation. The climax of the week was the student-organized ‘Future Fuel’ escape room, centred around hydrogen fuel. 

We trust that National Science Week 2023 kindled a spark of curiosity in all our students. With anticipation, we look forward to the scientific adventures the coming year will bring.