Our Middle Years Project Based Learning curriculum initiative ‘Project Nova’ took off in Term 1. All Year 7 students worked collaboratively to address the driving question: How can we, as producers, design and deliver an Amazing Race that is fun and builds Our Woodville?

This culminated on Wednesday of Week 9, Term 1 when each Year 7 class ran challenges for another class to participate in. The challenges were entirely planned, organised and executed by the students. It was a rigorous learning experience in project management and teamwork for these young entrepreneurs.

Enthusiasm levels were high on the day and the students threw themselves into the challenges in their attempts to achieve glory. During the challenges, school leaders as well as our Education Director, moved around the activity sites and awarded ‘stars’ to students who were observed demonstrating the Graduate Habits of Respecting Others, Thinking in Critical and Creative Ways and Perseverance. The challenges were scored and class teams had the opportunity to win the inaugural Amazing Race Cup which was presented to Home Group 7.6.

The Term 2 challenge will see students tackle broader issues in our community and work to develop solutions for problems they have identified to improve the lives of people with a Health and Wellbeing lens.