The Woodville High School Wind Ensemble was invited to perform at the Woodville Town Hall as part of the Adelaide Youth Orchestra Springtime Festival concert. This was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the Adelaide Youth Wind Orchestra and the Adelaide Youth Winds, who shared the concert. The students were thrilled to be able to present a live performance to nearly 200 people, which was also streamed to an audience of around 500. The Wind Ensemble, ably directed by Music Coordinator Terry Bickley and Head of Music Paul Monaghan, performed three works, all of which told stories through the music. They began with Celtic Ritual, which painted musical pictures of mythical celtic warriors, followed by Fantasy on a Japanese Song, which described the turmoil of a Japanese woman trapped between two cultures. The final piece, The Inferno, was a musical depiction of Dante’s famous work the Divine Comedy, and detailed Dante’s trip through the 9 circles of Hell. It was a great opportunity to present these works in public, and the students performed exceptionally well, with much positive feedback from the audience.