Dear Parent/Caregiver,

On Tuesday the 20th of July the Premier announced a 7-day state-wide lockdown starting at 6.00pm tonight.

Wednesday is a pupil free day and only the children of essential workers and vulnerable children will be able to attend school. The executive team will provide supervision but not a learning program on Wednesday. We will be offering online
learning from Thursday and more details will be distributed through Daymap tomorrow, as we work our way through the new COVID-19 Directions. All students have been asked to take home school laptops/devices; books and anything else they need to continue their learning from home.

On Thursday students need to access Daymap to start their normal school day by accessing the Zoom link to their Home Group, this includes Year 12 students. Their normal timetable will then proceed with recess and a lunchbreak. As all classes will resume online via Zoom and Daymap, families can support their child’s classroom learning by involving them in a consistent and predictable daily routine. We ask that you establish a dedicated classroom learning space, which supports student’s engagement. We ask that you involve your child in creating their classroom learning space and develop an online routine. Year level managers, counsellors and teachers will continue to monitor both academic progress and the general wellbeing of students to address any concerns or provide support. We will continue to support your child’s learning and wellbeing irrespective of the circumstances. Please encourage your child to stay connected to school, friends, maintain routines and healthy eating, exercise and fresh air as this is important for learning and wellbeing.

All South Australians are making sacrifices to ensure our community remains as safe as possible. We appreciate that this is a significant undertaking for you and your family. Your child’s teacher, our support staff and I are here to support you
where we can.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Kind regards,
Anna Mirasgentis
Principal of Woodville High School