Schools rely on strong relationships to function effectively. One of the most important relationships is the partnership between schools and parents. Woodville High School has a commitment to strengthen this partnership by increasing communication through a range of digital communication tools.


To communicate directly with teachers and the school, as well as to register for the DayMap Parent portal, it is important that parents have access to an email address. The email address needs to be registered with the school and, if necessary, the school can be contacted to add or update your email or any other personal information.


Students and teachers are currently using daymap for a range of classroom communication. These include gathering attendance data, submitting assignments, receiving grades as well as resources to help students successfully complete tasks. This information can be shared with families by logging into the parent portal via the school website.

New users of the Parent Portal will need to visit the website, click the parent portal button on the homepage, and follow the instructions to receive your login details. You will need to use the email address that you registered with the school to retrieve this information. If there are any problems with the process please contact the school and an IT support member will help with the sign on process.

Social Media

Like many people and businesses, social media is increasingly becoming a preferred method of communication. Woodville High has now increased activity in this space and has two main social media channels; Facebook and Instagram.

Please like or follow these pages to be updated on a range of school communications. The pages will be sharing events happening in the school and school community, student success and student work. It is a great way to celebrate our school and gain an insight into what happens in the school on a day to day basis.


The Future of the School Newsletter

This is the final newsletter that will be published in the traditional page layout. Moving forward, The School will be publishing all of its news on the school website in a specially designed news section. This will allow for more timely updates to parents, as well as the option to read articles from previous terms and years. It will also give The School a platform to publish articles with multiple images, links to resources, audio and video.

Email communication will still be an integral part of our newsletter communication, however instead of receiving the full article, recipients will receive a snapshot of the key articles and links to the full articles on the website. We look forward to delivering these changes early in Term 2.