Over 600 Year 6 and 7 students from our local partner schools visited Woodville High School over the last four weeks to participate in our ‘Taste of High School’ program. The students were welcomed into the school community by our Principal, Anna Mirasgentis. They engaged in a series of short lessons, designed and delivered by our fantastic teaching staff. They watched a performance by our Special Interest Music students, tried a variety of musical instruments and participated in sporting activities, hosted by our Year 12 Sport and Recreation students. An introduction to Inquiry-Based Learning was just one of the highlights with our Learning Hub coordinator, Fiona Feetham, delivering engaging and thought-provoking lessons to all that visited, preparing them for the ‘Great Inquiry Race’ program in 2022.

Sincerest thanks to all the staff at Woodville High School that supported the Taste of High School activities over the last four weeks. Feedback from primary school students and teachers has been extremely positive and highlights the importance of this transition program.

Sam Tuffnell
Senior Leader: Year 7s into High School and Pedagogy