At Woodville High School during Reconciliation Week, we have made a commitment as a community to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan. Our first steps to begin this journey was to listen to the voice of our diverse student group. In order to do so the whole school took part in an activity where the students were given an overview of why we have Reconciliation Week. The students were then tasked with questions about their thoughts (Head), their feelings (Heart) and what actions (Hands) they would take to help our communities reconciliation. The questions they answered are listed below:

Hand (act): What is one meaningful action that you could take to contribute to reconciliation? How could students at Woodville High School take action and support reconciliation?

Head (think): What do I already know about reconciliation? What would I like to know more about, and why?

Heart (feel): How do I feel about how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been treated in Australia? How do you think it would feel to have your cultural background change the way you are treated?

Our Reconciliation Action Plan will involve members of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait community, Teachers, SSO’s and students. This will help let representatives from our whole community come together to support and guide the Action Plan for our school and community. Our first steps once our Reconciliation Action Plan committee has formed will be to look at our students’ responses to these questions and use these to guide the actions that we will take. It was amazing to see the ideas and creativity of our student group when collating all of the responses and it is an exciting time at Woodville High School begin able to begin our Reconciliation Action Plan Journey.