Student Voice have been active right from the week before students came back. The

Peer Leaders came into the school to train and be ready for day 0 to support the year 8’s. The Captains came in to meet with the Principal and I and to prepare for their duties on day one.

All representatives from Years 9-12 have been nominated. Year 8 representatives are being nominated as I write and I will have my first meeting with this group during this week.

The student Voice Year 9-12 have had their first meeting and discussed a variety of issues including:

  • Appointing secretaries
  • Highlighting positives of the year so far
  • Looking at Casual Day format ready for further discussion
  • Governing Council Representatives and attendance at the upcoming meeting
  • Duties on Parent Nights
  • Leadership Training Opportunities this term – National Student Leadership Summit and the GRIP Leadership Conference
  • Our Captains, who are meeting with Mrs Mirasgentis and myself for breakfast once a fortnight, shared their vision as Captains and tabled the Student Leadership Charter and the Student Leadership Service Diagram which will be discussed in much more detail at a meeting later this term
  • The ‘sock’ issue was discussed and the following motion was unanimously moved regarding socks: “Student Voice request for the uniform that the sock options be black or white and tight (stockings) options be black or navy.”

Student Voice have already shared this with the Principal and presented to Governing Council. Governing Council have asked that Student Voice run a student survey to see which of the three sock options is preferred:

  1. White
  2. White or black
  3. Black

The Principal and Governing Council have asked that we look at the tight (stocking) colour at the next meeting of the Uniform Committee where the committee was to have a complete review of the uniform.

Our student leaders have been active and positive in their support of our school.

They have attended Governing Council, provided guides for our two parent nights and on the first day, as well as started the ‘Welcome back’ assembly. Peer Leaders have supported the Year 8s on the first day, supported in the ‘Great Inquiry Race’ and helped to introduce the ‘Seeking Wellbeing Support’ database and how to access it at a Middle School assembly.

Cherie Hutton

Student Wellbeing Leader and Student Voice Facilitator