For their Global Project Home Group 10.3 have been working on the planning of a beach clean-up day as part of their commitment to contributing to the health of the ocean. Naming themselves S.A.N.D. (Students Against Natural Destruction), they armed themselves with gloves, garbage bags and two willing teachers and headed out to Grange Beach on Friday Sept. 17th. The day was spent collecting all bits of rubbish found on the beach and the sand dunes between Grange and Henley Jetty. After walking 5kms, a nice lunch, talking to community members about their action for the day (and handing out badges and collecting donations for council clean-ups) and then finally dumping their haul where it belonged, the students tiredly and proudly made their way home! Although not every member of 10.3 went on the day, they were certainly all involved in the planning of it. Project Leader, Erin Godfrey, even managed to convince students from other Home Groups to join the 10.3 action.

Mr Vivian and I are very proud of how the students conducted themselves on the day; they were committed, animated and very proactive about approaching members of the public to talk about what they were doing. Well done all of you!  

Ms Glenys Yakas