Work Completion

Subject assessment due dates and non-completion of work Families should have received a letter in Week 2 outlining the Senior School approach to work completion, and plans for intensive support in Weeks ... Read More

Senior School Handbook

Parents and caregivers of Year 11 and 12 students will have received a copy of the Senior School Handbook at their Parent Meetings, or via their child’s Mentor teacher. It contains key ... Read More

Year 12 Year Level Day

An outstanding Year 12 Year Level day was held at Adelaide University in early February. Our Principal, Anna Mirasgentis, pictured, delivered an inspiring presentation to the students about finding the ‘why’ to ... Read More

Year 12 Meeting

A highly successful meeting was held for Year 12 students and parents on February 9, with 145 attending. Families enjoyed the opportunity to informally meet the Mentor teacher with whom their student ... Read More

Year 12 Orientation Day

Year 12 students enjoyed an engaging Orientation Day on their return to school. As well as being given important Senior School information, they participated in team activities and met with their Mentor teachers. ... Read More