We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Bikes Active program at Woodville High School this term! This initiative, funded by the Active State Collaboration Program, aims to promote resilience among our students in Years 7-9 through cycling engagement and education.

Designed for youth aged 12-16, the program encourages the adoption of cycling as a healthy form of active transport and fosters an active lifestyle. 

At Woodville High, the program includes a 7-week school-based mountain-biking curriculum focusing on active cycling skills, road safety, bike maintenance, and the overall wellbeing benefits of healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, students will participate in the exciting “Bike Olympics” – a fun, engaging one-day cycling event during Week 10.

Thanks to our project partners, Bikes for Refugees and Bicycle SA, we’re able to provide 10 refurbished bikes and 10 helmets per program to participating students, ensuring equitable access to cycling and promoting safety.

We’re excited about the opportunities this program brings for our students to develop resilience, stay active, and embrace a healthy lifestyle through the joy of cycling. Our students will be pedalling towards a brighter, more resilient future together!