This term our Year 7s have engaged in our newest curriculum initiative: ‘Project Time’.

Year 7 Project Time is informed by the school values of Diversity, Creativity and Success. During Project Time, students engage in authentic 21st Century integrated learning, driven by a project based learning approach. Each term will focus on a different contemporary theme with student agency driving the inquiry focus. Through exploration and making connections within and beyond their own worlds, students will begin to develop the Woodville High School Graduate Habits of Respecting Others, Persevering and Thinking in Critical and Creative Ways.

By expanding and challenging students’ thinking, Year 7 Project Time at Woodville High School establishes strong foundations of inquiry, academic self-efficacy, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication and entrepreneurship, with students being empowered to design and manage their own projects by Semester 2.

Each term the projects align with a different theme which works to further develop students’ sense of belonging by supporting the development of connections between the students, school and wider community.

The term themes are as follows:

  • Term 1: Our Woodville
  • Term 2: Our Country, Our Place
  • Term 3: Earth’s Capacity and Sustainability
  • Term 4: Our Place in an Emerging World

During Project Time in Term 1, students examined their own transition to High School experience and explored the following questions using the Project Based Learning approach:

  • How do I know where to go?
  • How do we make new WHS members feel welcomed and valued?
  • What makes a successful daily routine/structure?
  • How can we communicate our stories and successes?

Students worked in groups to identify a ‘problem’ they had experienced or noticed during their transition to high school and develop a solution. Solutions were presented in our student showcase during weeks 9 and 10 of Term 1. A number of these innovative solutions will be integrated through our 2023 transition program.

We look forward to seeing Project Time evolve next term!

Here’s what the students had to say:

“I have learned how to improvise in difficult situations and to also be more open minded in trying to figure things out.”

“I developed skills to be confident in front of an audience and that there is so many ways to express your thoughts to make a change. And it is so amazing when you collaborate with people to see their ideas and there is normally more than one person dealing with the same problem and you can use that to make a change.”

“My final feedback on project time is that it was very fun and i learnt many new things and it was an amazing experience even though it was stressful we still managed to make an amazing presentation and website. I am very glad that we are helping the new year 7 students get around the school easier so they don’t have to stress. Project time was so fun and I would like to thank the teachers for supporting our ideas.”

“I developed the skills Teamwork, Persistence and Courage.”